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What is WIC?

About the WIC program

Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) is a food and nutrition education program for families who are pregnant and have children up to the age of 5.  We help our families eat well, learn about nutrition, and stay healthy.  Each family receives targeted nutrition counseling and help with setting goals to build and maintain healthy habits.

What to expect from a WIC appointment

During each WIC appointment, you will talk with a nutritionist about your health and nutrition goals.  We offer a safe and supportive environment where you can discuss topics like:

  • healthy weight gain during pregnancy

  • healthy diet throughout pregnancy

  • reaching your baby feeding goals

  • starting baby foods

  • helping children maintain healthy weight

  • helping children develop healthy lifestyle habits

  • assessing anemia status in women and children

Visit the pages on our site to learn more about these topics, sign up for virtual meetings, read our WIC blog, and more!

We are now requiring in person appointments for children over 2 years old for whom we need height, weight, and hemoglobin data.

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