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Are You Pregnant? Apply for WIC!

Did you know you are eligible for WIC if you are pregnant?

You do not have to wait for your first prenatal visit at your doctor's office.  As soon as you know you are pregnant you can apply to receive benefits for yourself.   Fill out the form below and click Submit.  We will contact you to set up an appointment!

WIC Eligibility Screening Tool

Are you pregnant?  Complete and submit this form and we will contact with you to schedule an appointment so you can start receiving your benefits.

Do you receive any of the following:

If you selected None above, please see our income guidelines.  We will determine eligibility based on your most recent 1 month of paystubs for the household.  If you think you qualify by income, please continue to submit this form.

Do you have any children under the age of 5?

Thanks for submitting. We will be in touch with you soon!

The formula alternative allowances have ended.  Similac is now the only allowable brand with WIC benefits.  See details on your WICShoper app, or click the formula information button here.

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