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Breastfeeding Education

We have put together resources for you to learn more about breastfeeding.  Choose which resources are best for you.  We have packets, videos, and interactive modules.  

Select your preferred learning method!


Do you have a breastfeeding question?  Fill out the form below:

Do you learn best by reading and looking at handouts? Select any of the packets below!

Breastfeeding Packet

Learn more about:

- 5 keys to successful breastfeeding

- Breastfeeding tips from other parents

- How breastfeeding begins before birth

Breastfeeding Packet

Learn more about:

- Your breastfeeding rights in Connecticut

- Making a Plan for breastfeeding success

- latching your baby

- hunger cues and how to know baby is drinking enough

- what to look for when breastfeeding

Breastfeeding Packet

Learn more about:

- what to expect in the hospital on the       first two days, and the first two weeks

- Hand expression

- Managing Engorgement


Do you learn best by watching videos?

Click the picture to check out this webpage! 




It has many videos about breastfeeding, including topics like latching, going back to work or school, building your milk supply, and more!

Baby Breastfeeding

Do you learn best by completing modules and quizzes?  Check out this interactive website!

ready set baby

We are now requiring in person appointments for children over 2 years old for whom we need height, weight, and hemoglobin data.

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