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Hi Dad!  We're happy you're here!  You may have questions about bonding with your new baby, how you can be involved with breastfeeding, and how to navigate fatherhood in general.  Check out the resources below, and remember WIC is happy to answer your questions.  Let us know how we can help during your appointments, or send us an email.  We would love to hear from you!

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24 Hour Cribside Assistance

A website made by dads, for dads.

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Caring for Newborns and Children

Young Dad

This site has some great articles and resources for dads!

Happy Dad

WIC for Dads Website

A great place for videos and articles about dads and breastfeeding

The formula alternative allowances have ended.  Similac is now the only allowable brand with WIC benefits.  See details on your WICShoper app, or click the formula information button here.

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