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WICSmart is an online education tool that helps you continue learning about health and nutrition in between your WIC appointments so you can reach and maintain the goals you set with your WIC nutritionist.  

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*Are you interested in signing up for WICSmart?  Ask you WIC nutritionist about enrolling today, and keep scrolling to learn more.

Are you signed up for a WICSmart module?  Click the button below to go to the WICSmart website.

Want to learn more?  Scroll down to keep reading!

Tell me more about WICSmart...

Who is eligible to use WICSmart?

  • Children 2 years old and older

  • low risk (no concerns such as anemia, overweight / obesity)

  • no paperwork needed for the next visit

    • (e.g - bloodwork, heights and weights, mid-certifications or recertifications)

When do I use WICSmart?

If you qualify for WICSmart, you can choose to complete a module in place of your normally scheduled follow up appointments.  These are the appointments in between your Recertification and Midcertification appointments.  Ask your WIC nutritionist if you qualify for WICSmart.  If you do, your nutritionist will assign you a module topic of your choice to complete for the next visit.

What will I find in a WICSmart module?

Each WICSmart module consists of a 5-10 minute guided video about a nutrition or health topic of your choice.  Examples include...

  • Choosing Fast Food Wisely

  • Kids and Juice

  • Kids in the Kitchen

  • Picky Eating

...and many more!


I finished my module.  What now?

After viewing the assigned module, you will complete a quick, 3 or 4 question assessment to see what you learned.  This is not graded.  The assessment asks questions like:

  • What is something new that you learned about this topic?

  • What is a new habit you might try after learning about this topic?

These questions are meant to help you set and reach healthy goals.  

You will receive credit for completing a WICSmart module after you answer all of the assessment questions and click the submit button.  This will count as your nutrition education. 



  • You will still need to contact the WIC office to receive your benefits.  

  • If you do not tell the WIC office that you have completed your module, you will not see any new benefits on your card.

We are now requiring in person appointments for children over 2 years old for whom we need height, weight, and hemoglobin data.

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